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Default Prefers cage bars than shredding toys

It seems that my boy's daily activity is to climb the cage bars and attempt to gnaw it to death; he does some upsidedown somersaults in-between before resting for a bit on a perch before everything starts again. I have 2 toys for his shredding and destruction but he total ignores them. (At least my girl is playing with it).

I read that it could be he is seeking attention or bored. I don't know how to give him the attention (since he moves away as soon as my hands are near). I can't let him out to fly yet as he is still untamed (don't want to freak him out by having to chase him back to the cage). My girl is still not quite warmed up to him yet I think as she is not responding to his advances or preening him.

Should I be concerned about him trying to 'murder' the cage bars? How else can I keep him busy?