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Default Dilute, greywing, or cinnamon?

I was going to stop at two birds, really I was. Somehow, I've ended up with four budgies, two quarantine cages, a big main cage, and a hubby who's banned me from 'just looking' anymore. Oops?

I'm hoping someone can please help with the mutations of our newest member. I think s/he's a greygreen spangle with some sort of dilution, but I'm hoping the experts can help pinpoint which one. Guesses are also good, I'm happy to just pick one and claim it's right.

Her wingmarkings are actually brown, which my camera doesn't show very well. Would this make her a cinnamon, or can the yellow make grey markings look brown? I've tried looking up the differences between cinnamon, greywing and dilute, but the grey and spangle make it hard to use her cheek patches and tail.

My camera does make her markings look a little darker, the middle and last photos are probably closest. The quills in her tail are white.