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Default Is it okay for Phyllis to eat this?

Hi everyone!
I got a budgie, close to a year ago. She's approaching her hatchdate soon actually (happy bird-days are in order!)

I read somewhere that it's good for budgies to eat grains, but I was unsure what KIND of grain. For my own breakfast each morning I eat "Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal". I read the ingredients: whole grain brown rice, corn, sorghum, and buckwheat. Phyllis can't get enough of it, but I've only let her have nibbles here and there. Is it safe for her to eat? If it is, how much should I give her per day? I don't want to create negative effects on her health, so before she tries mighty tasty cereal for sure I have been keeping it away from her.

It's completely natural, it's not organic though (even if I'd like it to be). I have organic cream-of-rice and corn grits too, which I'm sure she'd love, and even if I did give her Mighty Tasty, I'd make sure that it would only be sparingly since it's not organic and I know mostly you should try to give organic fresh food.

Before you ask, I have fed her other things too like blueberries, (she loves the frozen ones but they make such a mess!) and apple which she'll only eat if I cut it into tiny pieces. She loves melon too but I never really have any around.

In short, I'd love to give her some mighty tasty hot cereal because she's already given it the go ahead, and she begs me for some every morning (even though if she sees you eating ANYTHING, she's going to try to swoop in and get some. hahha)