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Default Winnie the Chirpydoo

It's only been a week, but it feels like a lifetime without my precious golden sillykins. He was my first budgie...well, my first to take care of myself. My family has always had one. I got him as a Christmas present (slightly early) in 2012. I named him Winnie like Winnie the Pooh because of his bright yellow color. He was my best friend and got me through many rough times. And yes, he's the sweetie in my avatar.

He passed last week, the morning after I took him to the vet for a respiratory infection. Obviously, the treatment was too seemed to happen so quickly. It seemed like it because, as we know, budgies are very good at hiding their illnesses. His sweet life was taken far too quickly...but as with most times of difficulty and pain, there is learning. So now I am more aware of the warning signs. My other 4 budgies are my babies, and I will now continue to love and care for them, but this time, with more knowledge than before.

Winnie, you're in my heart forever and always. ♥ I know you are awaiting me on the Rainbow Bridge. (That poem made me cry so much.)

Winnie will also live on with a bit of fame. One of my photos of him is going to be in the Cornell University of Ornithology's avian text book, edition 2016. He will be in the chapter about feather pigmentation. : ) I wish he could've been around to see himself in the book...but it is wonderful that other people learning about birds can see him. I'm still coping with the loss...but I am trying to get stronger. Looking at the photos I have of him though...really tugs at my heart.

Rest in Peace, Winnie.
~RIP Winnie, my sweet little chirpydoo~
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