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Originally Posted by Pretty boy View Post
No matter the amount of time spent with us the pain and grief are still the same. Winnie was a lovely budgie who won your heart. time will help heal the ache you experience now I have been through this as many other members have here also. We all share your pain and understand the tears. Winnie is now free from pain, but is still there with you but in memories and pictures how lucky you are to have them.
Fly high sweet Winnie and hugs and love to you.
Originally Posted by Frankie'sFriend View Post
I'm so sorry you no longer have lovely Winnie. Know that we understand how you feel if that's any help at the moment.

Sweet Winnie, you will be missed and also remembered very fondly.
Originally Posted by justmoira View Post
I'm so sorry for your loss of your dear Winnie RIP and flight high little one
Originally Posted by StarlingWings View Post
I am terribly saddened to hear of your loss. They do leave us too quickly, but I know that every second he was with you was treasured to you, and he appreciated and loved you for all the wonderful days he spent with you.
It is always difficult to find our way out of the shadows of grief but Winnie's little yellow spirit, shining forever bright, will lead you out of it. He will be admired by many in the new book, also!
Rest in peace and fly high, darling yellow boy.
Originally Posted by LynandIndigo View Post
I am so very sorry for the loss of Winnie. He loved you so very much. Remember all of your loving memories hold them in your heart. You will be with Winnie one day. God is looking after him and Winnie is watching over you from up in Heaven. We all share your pain and understand the tears that fall.. I understand as i have been through the same thing like a lot of the other members here on Talk Budgies... The pain does ease but you never forget our little ones we have lost... Your tears fall cause you loved your budgie so much and miss him .....We are here if you need to talk to us.... I made up this pome for you..... You were a good mum to Winnie...


Winnie you were my sweet little one
sent down from God's heaven sky's to you
I have no idea why
you were the sunshine of my life
you were so special to me in every way
You would run around
and play each and every day
When I came home you flew over to me
from Across the room you look up at me
from your short little world he sees
Our unforgettable love will remain forever
Winnie You are my sunshine of my heart in every way....[/SIZE]
Thank you all so much for your wonderfully supportive and sweet words, and also the loveliness in poetry. *hugs* I only just joined this forum, but I already feel a wonderful sense of community and love. : ) You all speak so much thank you again.

Winnie's resting place is under one of our lovely trees in the backyard. Dad says that we'll pick out some yellow flowers to plant around it, to commemorate him. ♥
~RIP Winnie, my sweet little chirpydoo~
May 12, 2012 - April 25, 2015