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Arrow How to breed (clear) Texas clearbodies.

Just to make sure in case anyone is unsure - I know HOW to breed them, ie. who to put over who.

I want to know how to get the clearest colour (or lack of, if you prefer).

I bought a violet opaline texas clearbody hen today - and she is hands down the clearest I've ever seen. A lot of the birds I've seen have marked bleeding going on, even to the point that some of them just look like a pale light-green. Since violets produce the best clearbodies, is there a known technique? I can't seem to find a good pattern to reduce the body-colour bleeding.

I have an (unrelated) violet clearbody male that I plan to put her with after I put her to the Lutino male - is it just a matter of breeding the clearest birds together or is there another neat trick? I know when you're breeding albinos it can be good to breed to a grey to get a reduced blue suffusion. Maybe something similar with T.clearbodies? Any help greatly appreciated.