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Originally Posted by Chukkin View Post
I have one budgie, Buddy, who I suspect is actually female, but is always referred to as male I have had him for almost 6 weeks and he has gone from chirping only, to chirping plus ack-ack, and now he's started what I call mumbling. It's not words, but it's quiet little chirps, squeaks, clicks and it's like he's trying out his voice and seeing what noises he can get out of it! Whether he is male or female (since not all males talk, and some females do talk, so the sex of the budgie doesn't really matter), it's adorable listening to him chattering away to himself.
My budgie Echo does the same, I've had him for nearly 2 weeks now.

Both male and female budgies are equally as chatty, the fact males talk more than females isn't true it depends on the bird not the gender. My friend had an avary of budgies and some of the females were chattier than the males.