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Originally Posted by Pretty boy View Post
I would suggest slow things down, although I can understand the need and excitement you are feeling . Having one budgie is entirely different from having a flock.
There are the issues of breeding, when you buy your budgies make sure they come from different places and lines so they are not related. First Aid kit, and simple emergency procedures. Separate breeding cages, vermin proof storage area for food and nesting materials. It is quite complicated.
Also as budgies are flock orientated they will naturally want to be together rather than be human orientated. having a flock is quite noisy as well do you have neighbours that will be tolerant?
I am not trying to put you off merely pointing out do some research and think the situation through.

Thank you for your imput, you've given me a few new things to consider.

My husband and I are very committed to providing our pets the ideal living situations for their type. I am in no rush8 to get my next bird, however I like to know where I am going.
*okay, I might be in a bit of a rush.

Breeding is a whole other issue for me! I would love to breed some day, but I'd like to enjoy it. I am not in any place to enjoy breeding. I plan on "copying" Cutelittlebirds setup and keeping my boys and girls and girls separate. That is if/when I have more than three birds.

As to some of your other points.... We own our home and plan on having the aviary indoors. We are established and can handle vet and other expenses. Noise is a non-issue for us, and our neighbors are animal people... I plan on always keeping GJ apart from the "flock". I'd like him to have a similarly tamed companion so he doesn't feel "left out". I know that forums atract similar personalitiy types so I don't feel to awkward saying that I am the type who is ALWAYS researching.


Additionally I am still thinking/acting as if GJ is in quarantine. Considering how much I adore him I am waiting a full 30+ days to hope/assume he is a healthy bird. At that point I still need to take him in for his first vet appointment. We have a long road ahead of us, I just love planning planning planning.