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Post A Few Questions from a Beginner

I'm planning on getting a pair of male Budgies in July and had a few questions about them before I do so.

First, I have a purple shamrock plant on my desk. Are shamrocks in any way way detrimental to a bird's health? If so, would I be alright if I move the shamrock into another room, such as my closet (it has a door so I can keep them from getting in there)?

Second, I've heard lots of different opinions on trimming their feathers to prevent them from flying too high. I use my fan a lot in summer and there's a portion of my window not covered by blinds that's very high up. I'm especially worried about them in the summer, since it would be easier for them to get injured. I don't want to trim their wings until I know they can fly, but would it be alright to trim their wings in the summer, since that's when my fan will be going, and letting them have more flying freedom in winter?

Finally, anything in particular I should worry about or look for when they first come home?

Thank you very much in advance!