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Unhappy Best way to handle a bird's last moments & passing

So as some of you may know from my previous posts on here, the bird I adopted from from our local humane society just under two years ago was found to have fatty growths on his lower belly/bottom area and advanced beak growth, which we've pretty much determined to be fatty liver disease. His beak grows out fully within about 3 weeks time now.

Our avian vet said awhile back that due to the above issues/symptoms, Peepers probably only had 1-2 of life expectancy left. I am praying that Peepers will pass in his sleep one day, however I have a terrible feeling instead that we will be forced to put him to sleep. I already spoke with the avian vet about the best way to handle it, which I believe she holds cotton with a chemical over the bird's beak until it goes to sleep.

I'm trying to make peace with it as best I can, however I don't know how to handle his cagemate during this passing phase if intervention is required. What is least traumatic to the living remaining bird? Keep it in the room with the other one so it sees what's going on and is allowed to see the body, separate them once we get there or leave the one at home and just take the other?

Honestly, none of the options I like; the separation ones especially since they call to each other when they are even a little bit apart and it would just be torture to both them and our family listening to them calling each other in futility. Even thinking about it now brings me to tears. As terrible as it sounds, I almost want to put both down at the same time so they'd at least be together and easier on us, however I'd feel terrible cutting Neon's life so short since he's only about 2.5.

I am hoping and praying that people could offer their thoughts and insight from their experiences dealing with this. It's literally tearing me apart emotionally.