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Default Pushy Budgie

I have a male budgie, George, who is approximately 10 years old. I am either the third or the fourth home he has been in; he's a rescue. He's very smart and has a huge personality. When I first got him (over a year ago) he was scared of me but I took the time to tame him, and he's now very friendly and attached to me. I'm really not sure about his past other than he was a single budgie with no cage mates for most of his life, and when I got him, he was in a very small cage and was never let out.

I now have him in a very large cage with 3 other budgies. I also have 2 cockatiels in the same room. During the day while I'm at home I have the cages open so everyone can have free flight time. They have a large play gym as well.

George is extremely attached to me. If allowed, he will follow me around the house, flying from room to room. He wants to sit on my hands or crawl over me all day long. When I'm trying to give attention to my other birds, he will come immediately and try to push them out of the way to get attention for himself. He doesn't bite them or anything, but he's so excited and chirpy that they move out of the way. He is pretty much always overly excited. I rarely see him napping or calm. Even in the middle of the night, if I happen to turn on the bathroom light for a couple of minutes, he will immediately start singing excitedly (whereas the other birds are sleepy and annoyed). During the day he will just keep flying in circles around where I am (I'm usually in the same room as the cages) until I let him perch on me. If I want to spend time with any of my other birds, I have to lock him in the cage. He will then climb all over the cage, like he's trying to find a way out, until I let him out again.

Two of my other budgies are a bonded pair, and the third one is a young budgie who I got specifically to be George's friend, but George shows no interest and the third budgie socializes instead with the other budgies and the cockatiels. All my birds are fairly tame as I spend a lot of time with them, but George is just over the top. On the one hand I am happy to have such a smart lively bird, but it does get annoying and tiring. All the other birds get along great with each other, feeding each other and so on, but George always seems to be on his own. They don't fight with him, but its like he's the odd one out and seems to be ignored.

I'm just not sure what to do about George. He gets plenty of attention from me, but it never seems to be enough. I can deal with his behaviour, I'm just worried he is unhappy. He's a very unique and smart budgie!