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Default spangle mutation question

Hi i have a question about the spangle mutation, I have 2 birds currently in the breeding process & on thier 2nd run (this was unexpected btw as the female went out of season just after the last chick was born then came back in a few weeks later). In their 1st clutch they had 4 chicks, 3 boys & a girl, there mutations & colour were as follows-

Boy 1- sky blue normal

Boy 2- sf yellow face, sky blue grey wing

Boy 3- cobalt normal

Girl- sf yellow face, colbalt, grey wing, dominant/ recessive pied (combo pied i think)

Also just want to be clear on something, boys 2 & 3 have small pied patches on the back of thier heads does this mean they are split recessive or something else.

Now the parents are as follows

Female- Cobalt, greywing, dominant/ recessive pied

Male- yellow face type 2, spangle

Now my main question is can any chicks get the spangle mutation from the dad or was i just unlucky with the 1st clutch?