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Question Help with introducing budgies please

Hello all.

As a college student, after getting my first budgie, I realized that I wanted a second budgie, and that it would also be good for my first budgie to have a friend, since I spend long hours at school.

My first budgie, Mochi, is about 6-7 months old. My new budgie, Kumo, is about 3 months. After quarantining Kumo, I began putting their cages next to each other. They were very excited, and would squawk loudly at each other all day. Whenever I open Kumo's cage, he immediately comes out to try to sit on Mochi's cage, and wants to be close to him. (He's very skittish and I haven't been successful yet at taming him, since he knows there's another budgie around he's more interested in finding him than being okay with my hand)

For the past 3 days, I have let them both come out at the same time. They sit on top of Mochi's cage (the larger one), and while Kumo seems to just want a friend/mom to sit next to and mimic, Mochi will not stop pestering him.

Mochi continually pecks Kumo's beak and tries to grab his tail, squawks at him, and generally chases him around a bit. Kumo doesn't seem to understand any of this, and just tries to follow Mochi and sit by him quietly.

Is this normal behavior? I know that one budgie has to emerge as kind of the dominant one, so they may fight until that happens, but when is it appropriate to put them in the same cage?

I'm planning on taking all of Mochi's toys out of his cage and putting new ones it when I actually put them together, hoping that he'll be less territorial, but I'm looking for any advice I can get.

Thank you so much!

Note: I read the sticky about introducing budgies, which is why I introduced them out of the cage, etc, but I'm looking for more detail about normal behavior and the proper steps and time frame.