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Oh I interact with her daily! I am determined in getting her fully tame and am establishing a greater relationship with her. She is much less scared of my mother and I. Also, right now I'm afraid i cannot get another budgie because of the expenses, extra care, housing, etc. Pixie is enough for me right now <3

The reason I am not sure if she vomits or regurgitates is because she does bob her head but then she shakes it everywhere and it is not controlled (she doesn't do it to any object I believe). That could just be that she doesn't know what to do with the food she has in her mouth? I don't know.

But should I keep the branch in the room? I'm happy it encourages her to come out, but she is obsessed with it and like I said is restless to come out when she's in her cage now.
Would moving her to a different room for normal housing the rest of the day but having playtime in this room with the branch be a bad idea?