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Originally Posted by StarlingWings View Post
The only way he could be showing cinnamon without having visual parents is if his father was split, making Sooty a girl.
Do you have a picture of Sooty's cere? If he definitely has a boy's cere, then there are two options: either he must have had a different parent, which sounds extremely unlikely to me, as any visual male must have a cinnamon mother, and that suggests that another hen laid her eggs in that nest. Or, which sounds more likely, the father was split for cinnamon and the mother IS cinnamon, which is somewhat more likely as Lutino tends to mask all other mutations but Cinnamon, making her a Lacewing, which could be hard to see in the picture.
Is the mother lacewing? It doesn't seem like it in the picture, but Lutino lacewings are always less obvious than their albino counterparts.
Those are the only two possible reasons for a male cinnamon in their nest, or else he's a she
Does that make sense?
Sooty is absolutely precious!
Thank you Starlingwings - at least I understood the basic genetics correctly

Unfortunately this is the only pic I have of Sooty at the moment - I wouldn't say he definitely has a male cere, but it is not obviously female.

I only saw the mother briefly and didn't notice any lacewing markings.

I've just remembered that one pair had no fertilised eggs - the other successful pair was a grey cinnamon female and a sky blue normal male - all their babies were grey, 2 cinnamon and 1 normal.

I think it is most likely that Sooty is a girl. What colour is she?