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Unhappy Advice on a potentially dying budgie :(

I can barely even think straight as I write this post. Each and every time I seek advice on here you are all so helpful and I guess I am just grasping at straws hoping that somebody can tell me that he might be ok.

If you have seen me post before I am a new avian pet owner and I have a blue budgie appropriately named "Blue" and our new little guy "Bud" a green/yellow beautiful boy.

They got along great at first, from December, then the beginning of May things took a strange turn and Blue began to bully him, a lot. I misread the signals and acted too quickly by putting in a nest box which further made the fighting worse. I had to take him out and in the process, since he is not yet tamed, he got injured and we have been patiently waiting for my baby boy to get better to no avail

I sought some advice before and I was told to keep him warm and make sure he has food and water so I have been changing his food and water daily and been talking to him and we have a heater by him to keep him warm. He continues to be scared of me but does not run from me as he used to, as much.

We just got back from the vet and the vet does not think he looks good. He is not thinking that he will make it and told me I could either put him down there, or take him to a specialist. The vet doesn't know birds much but is the only vet in my city that will see birds. To take Bud to the vet in the first place was dangerous as he was so scared of us that we were afraid to handle him but he has not been looking good so we decided we had to and we basically went home empty handed still not sure what to do and I'm having a hard time accepting I just have to sit here and wait for him to pass. He basically said that the specialist will be a waste of time and money because he doesn't think hes ok.

His cere is fine his feet I cannot tell if they are the correct colour or not. I suspect a broken leg as he has poor balance.. but his balance is so poor that I worry that there is more wrong. I cannot tell if hes eating, everytime I check the cage the food has been spilled everywhere, as is the water, so I'm worried that everytime he tries to eat or drink he falls forward. His poop has been fairly normal. Dark black, not too much liquid. Does that mean hes eating? In the photo below there is only one dropping and that one doesn't look good but the box we had him in on our way to the vet was lined with paper towel and he has a solid dropping in there that looks normal.

I love him so much and I am just looking for some direction or advice what to do to help my little guy whether there be an end goal or not. I just took the photo below a few minutes ago. I tried to bumper the walls and set up something he can lean against infront of his food and water. He has been able to get up the ladder a bit so I put some seed that he should hopefully be able to reach. He has not been to the top of the ladder in a few days which I fear must be his health declining. I haven't heard him chirp in weeks. I cannot stop sobbing for my little guy.

Any advice or input at all is appreciated. Thank you as always.