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Default I found something out today!

Yesterday Daesyl was having none of the attention I was trying to give her, where she'd do her angry squeaks if I so much as stepped near the cage. She even took to biting my hand. I know that's because over the last couple of days, she's been having issues with poops and i've been having to handle and clean her more than either of us would like.
I can even admit that over the last few days even I haven't been in the best of moods, so she was probably picking up on that.

I honestly thought I'd ruined my bond with her and cried at my friend about it. It was silly, I know. (Heck, I even cried when I saw that my old dog, Nelly was upset that my step monster's eldest brought another dog in)

So after a day of keeping my distance, she's quite alright with me today and nicely stepped onto my hand to get out of the cage.

The other day our lovely next door neighbours bought too many fresh foods and like always, gave us a bag full of things. In that bag was a pineapple, and some bananas among other things.

I thought to give Daesyl a little present.
Her reaction to the banana was hilarious. I don't think she really likes them too much. She gave it a good try, but with the way she looked confused, and the way she simply went to licking it a few times before stepping back gave it away.

She really likes pineapple, though! Going by her reaction to blackberries I gotta say, she seems to LOVE pineapple. Especially after warming it up.