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Originally Posted by Birto View Post
We are off on vacation soon and my parents have kindly agreed to having Georgie stay during our break. My issue is getting Georgie into her travel cage...with only one entrance (the front door) I can see this being a BIG issue getting her into an unfamiliar environment.
For one she won't allow me to pick her up by grasping around her body which means the only way of moving her around is allowing her to perch on my finger. As soon as I approach the travel cage she flies away.
I've tried for months to practice picking her up by holding her body, but she will never allow this.

Any tips please?
my budgies don't allow me to hold them either and only step up with milled. I've only had to move my first budgie into a travel cage once and I did it by placing the travel cage entrance right in front of the entrance of her regular cage and putting millet everywhere in the travel cage and also all along the ladder that I used to connect the entrances of the two cages. Even then it took a few hours to move her (and we had to be around so that once she kept moving towards the travel cage we could gradually remove the millet with her every step so that she wouldn't turn back) so I'm hoping that someone can give you better advice.