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Originally Posted by aluz View Post
Are you planning on breeding your budgies? Setting up nest boxes on your new aviary would only encourage your budgies to breed and in a colony environment where there are multiple couples, things can go wrong very fast and have tragic consequences.

The purpose of a nest box is not to keep budgies warm and for them to use to sleep during the night. The only purpose of a nest box for budgies is for them to get into the breeding mood and raise a family and in most cases that's what happens when one is made available to them.
The same goes for the birdie tents and other hiding spots.

With good isolation materials and a nice cover to protect your aviary during the colder Winter months is more than sufficient to cater to your budgies warmth and general comfort.

If you'd like to breed a couple or two in the future, it's always best to put each pair on their own breeding cage so that they have better chances at a successful clutch of chicks being raised on a stress free environment.
I'm not planning on breeding at the moment. If not nest boxes, what? Thanks