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Default The millet lord has arrived

Update on my previous sexing post, I took the one hour drive and went to see the budgies. She had the two budgies and showed the parents and the other baby she was keeping. The parents were an Albino and a cobalt (that her grandkids didn't want anymore), and she wasn't expecting the greens, but she kept what looked like a violet (she didn't have it out). The opaline was definitely a hen and was told she was nippy both coming out of the cage and to other birds. I ended up only taking the (possible) male.

I've had them for three days so far, so time will tell how loud they are but he is making a good impression. On the downside he was fed only seed, but they had been introduced to vegetables (loves peas,carrots and corn) and was had raised (not fed). But I have my hopes up because they are very young (he grew to love millet in just a few days). I bought a highest quality seed mix I could find but they'll only eat the pellets out of my hand and not if there is seed they could have instead.

(He is scared/always puffed up at the camera)

(above was right after I put him in the cage for the first time.)