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Dear All,
After I found most of the answers i had recieved were talking about how Pina's behaviour seemed to be like... uh... mating season is near, i decided to do some research on my own. If you did have the same problem as I, then here is how I finally fixed it.
  • Cover 3 sides of his cage at 6:00pm. = Mating season is usual in Spring Or Summer, where days are longer than nights. If you make your bird stay up, it usually is due to that.
  • Everytime he does try to do this, say in a low voice "No." But make sure you say it gently as not to frighten him. Remove him from there as you say that. = he will quickly learn that "No." means that he shouldn't do this.

    I know it's simple, but these two things usually discourage your bird's wish to mate with you. It worked for me anyway.

    Luna and Pina
    P.S. Thanks for all your help, he has returned to his normal ways!

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