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Default Seeking a friend for my baby boy

Hi there! I'm new to this forum and relatively new to budgie parenthood. My boyfriend and I got a new little budgie about a month and a half or so ago and are interested in getting a friend for our little Moonie boy.

I have done some searching about the best time to introduce a new budgie to a current budgie, but all I seem to find is to wait until your first budgie is "tame" to ensure a bond with us and not just to the new friend. I am unclear about the definition of tame. We have been training him to step up on our fingers and he seems more comfortable when we handle him, but is still fairly skittish. We are working every day to make him more comfortable with being handled.

How can you tell when your budgie is bonded to you enough to bring a new bird in?

Secondly, we have an American budgie and are interested in potentially getting an English budgie (on the vet's recommendation to get a more robust bird) to be Moonie's playmate. Does anyone have experience mixing American budgies with English budgies? Can they be friends? Will the bigger bird bully the smaller one even though he would be the second bird?

Any advice is welcome! Thanks!