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Default Something wrong with Alice's bum

Okay, so Alice has had something wrong with her bum since late January when I got her, I think. She's my "autistic" sky blue clearwing that was rescued from a hoarder. I did some math and she probably hatched around October.

Other than her bum, she seems fine! She's actually come such a long way since I first got her. Before, she'd stand in one spot for hours, crying, but now she actually moves around, plays, and can be quite vocal.

So anyways, there's something wrong with her bum. So, you know those wooden dowel perches that come with cages, right? Well, her vent has a bald spot around that diameter. I can't get that good of a look at it, but it looks a bit raw. She isn't having diarrhea, she isn't plucking, she isn't egg bound, and she isn't rubbing it on anything. Like, the bald spot is a pretty decent size. Do you guys know what could be causing it?

I feed the kids sprouts with powdered dandelion root and sometimes cayenne pepper mixed in; they get a variety of fresh fruits and veggies (at least three different ones a day), such as apple, strawberry, carrot, celery, romaine, chard, arugula, spinach, tomato, beet tops, purslane, chickweed, etc.; fresh RO water twice a day, along with their water dish being washed twice a day with white vinegar and water; their sprout dish is washed with soap and water twice a day; and at night they get Goldenfeast Australian Blend mixed with millet and canary that I get at the Bulk Barn. The sprouts I give them are white millet, porso millet, red millet, flax, canary, spelt, and canola (I'd prefer if there wasn't canola in the mix, but the seeds I buy for sprouting have canola mixed in).

I've also put them on a regiment of Benebac probiotics at least three times, too. Three out of my five budgies seem to have issues pooping. Ju has bad genes, constipation, and testicular cancer; Samantha's skinny and ancient; and Alice often has a stained bum for who knows why!

When I first got her, I put her on my homemade antiparasitic tea for over a week, although I'm not sure how much she drank.

So anyways, what might be wrong with her? And no, I'm not even going to try to get a picture of her bum. If you want a picture of her bum, you're going to have to take the picture yourself
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