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Default Sad news

I have sad news to report. The other night we had a HUGE thunderstorm and during one especially large clap of thunder, i heard the budgies squawk in their cage. They then started screeching. I ran into the spare room where they were and found Mya on the floor of the cage, on her back with eyes closed, and Kiwi beside her. I knew she was gone. He was standing over her and I was about to reach in to check her for sure and to get him to calm him when another clap of loud thunder happened and he flew out of the cage, whizzed around the room, and flew right into the wall! I had a little bedside lamp on so I suppose it wasn't bright enough for him to see to fly, but i didn't put the big light on as I didn't want to startle them anymore until I found out what happened. I can't believe I lost 2 on the same night!
It all happened so fast I doubt there was much I could have done. I still feel guilty for opening the cage but i had to check on Mya.

My other 3 seem fine, there was some squawking but they were in a different part of the apartment and they don't seem to be as easily startled as the budgies were.

Anyways, I'm very sad today. I will still participate in this forum as I love the people but I don't know if I'll be getting any more budgies. I'm on a waiting list for a parrotlet and my hubby has said that's enough. hubby wasn't keen on the budgies anyways. But I loved them.

Fly high little ones, now you can have all the millet you want and fly free, no more cages for you.