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So sorry.UST A FEW WORDS OF COMFORT we are not only budgerigars we are your friends until the day we pass away.

we share your home,thank give us love,thank care for us and we do thank you.

you talk to us,we do reply,with a wink,a glance or a special fly bye.

sometimes we are a little slow to learn,don't sigh we do try.

we moult and make a little mess,don't shout you make us sad.

remember we have you and your our mam and dad.

you are very special and your love will always be in my tiny special heart.

life is wonderful together and we must never,never ever part.

one day i will feel a little pain and glance at you again, in my special little way.

i know your smile will ease my ache,as it always did before.

but in my heart i know the pain hurts more than words can say.i pray.

again you give me tender care,your loving vibes are everywhere,every single day.

i'm sorry mum i have to go on a longer flight than ever before.

we will meet again remember that at heavans open door.

and please don't cry at my little cage and hold my tiny toys.

do cuddle me and talk to me as you lay me down to sleep.

and in my heart your love will always remain so very,very deep.

and remember do not think of me as dead- it is just a stepping stone to a wonderful life we have never known-where we will be eternally happy and safe and free.


i will always remember you, my special mum and dad. .xxx