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Default How to properly/safely house budgies outdoors?

So it looks like I'm not going to be able to really start my breeding program up again until next June when my boyfriend and I get a place together, as my dad no longer wants my birds in the house :/. My next option is to keep them outside (he wants them out by Monday, so I'm planning on keeping them outside until I can/unless I can find someone to hold onto them for me until I move out). I don't have the time or money to build a whole aviary right now, plus it would be pointless considering I'll be living in an apartment in about 11 months anyway.

So I'll be keeping them in their medium-large cage outside. So far I've put down one of the soundproofing mats I had in my room on the ground and two overturned plastic storage containers to set the cage on. I was looking at getting some Phishers Pet Screen to protect them from insects and predators (don't generally see too many animals in my neighborhood, but there's the occasional cat or dog that gets loose. But there are hawks that live in the trees across the street from my backyard), but I'm not sure how I would set it up/connect the pieces together/allow for a "door" for me to get in to take care of the birds. Their cage is about 25" L x 20" D x 32" H, and I really need to spend as little as possible. Is this a good plan? Is there anything else I should be doing to make sure they're safe out there? I was planning on providing them with cool water daily and covering a portion of their cage with a damp towel so that they can keep cool in the heat here.
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