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Their cage is in my room. He just doesn't want them in the house at all. My boyfriend can't take them because he has cats and his sister is scary (anger management and control issues). I am trying to find someone to take them, but if I don't get them out by Monday he said he is going to let them go/set them free . Would it maybe help if I could find a way to secure the crates to the ground and the cage to the crates? I also really want to get that Pet Screen stuff that says it's impermeable to dogs, cats, and mosquitoes to somehow surround the cage to protect them from hawks and any other animals around. I have a place set up behind some bushes on the side of the house so that they would also have shade from the bushes, fences, and houses.

EDIT: I don't really have any close friends besides my boyfriend. My ex best friend and I split up a couple months ago and I don't have anyone else I've ever been that close to, definitely no one I could ask to just take them. I posted on my facebook a few hours ago asking if anyone could take them, but I'm not too hopeful for responses. I've also emailed a few places that board birds asking if I could get a reduced rate if I visit to take care of them myself, but none have replied yet. I could MAYBE try boarding them at the clinic I work at for a week or so, but I'm not 100% sure.
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