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Default Baby Raptor help

Hello I'm new in here I've being reading a lot of the articles and all of them are so useful, its not my first time with birds when I was around 13 got my first bird a beautiful white Budgie and was my best friend he was always with me in my shoulder, flying around and messing everything then I got a Cockatiel she was lovely and beautiful and then another but I was always in bad luck my budgie called "Blanquito" died after some years I guess he got sick and then my Cockatiel flew away when someone left the cage open even duh she was hand feed and tamed and loved to be with us 24/7 she never came back and now I'm afraid that I wont be able to bond with my new baby and I really want him to love me as much as I do but i cant remember if I'm doing it right or wrong, I bought my Budgie 3 days ago its called Raptor baby Raptor, from a street market I wanted to give him loving home instead of being in a small cage, they told me its a male and 4 months old, I choose him because looked like the youngest and was very active, at the beginning I hesitate when I saw he was the most nervous of the group but he is cool, he make me fall for him completely in this 3 days, I have a couple of question and worries:

Main concern is that i can see a line in his chest and belly with no hair when he is making some movements like no feathers in a precise line is that normal?

1)I know its only 3 days and probably I should be happy and I am that he let me rub his belly and feet and he doesn't freak out when I take him out of the cage he stays on top of the cage but he wont come close to my hand.

2)How old is really and if is Raptor actually a he.

3)He is constantly biting the plastic feed basket(were i put the food) and the cage a little but the doesn't play with the toys i bought is that normal is he ok or is just his personality is he going to harm his peak?, also he do this weird thing that he while standing on the stick he puts his head under the stick pretty weird and also the same in every single corner or position he can he do this when he is really happy moving around the cage talking and hanging from the stick with just one feet also, all of this you think its just joy or is something wrong?

4) And he wont eat anything but the seed any tricks I could use I have offered him fruits, the biscuits for budgies but nothing.

I really love him and want to do everything I can to make him happy, healthy and gain his trust so if you could share any similar experience or any ideas about this questions, thank you very much.

5)Almost forgetting he is mostly white but i think he is turning blueish? with some strips on the head any clue how is he going to become not like something will change just curious

Thank you very very much from Me and Baby Raptor we are sorry for the long post.