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Thank you very much everyone, me and Baby Raptor really appreciate your answer they were very helpful and specially for me to be more calm and be better for him, I was reading and since you ask I think its male because the cere its very pinkish and looks like the colour is changing, tomorrow ill take picture and post it for know Raptor is sleeping so I don't wanna disturb him yesterday he got a night fright I talked to him and then he sleep all night again and today was a very active day I'm happy looks like he is communicating with me more and he is getting use to his new home, moving all around his cage doing this weird postures he do and biting everything some time both at the same time, he is like a spider-bird loves to hang from 1 leg too, then I think he asked me to fly around the room, he start flapping the wings in this cage while shouting at me, so I use one of the sticks of the cage to take him out I don't want to rush to use my finger and then he flew all around he is becoming quite a good flyer very fast and agile, and now that I check everything before going to sleep looks like he was busy using his cuttlebone for the first time and of course not with out some tummy and feet scratch that I think he is starting to like, he stays calm with my hand in the cage and then I give him some scratching and he remains very still and don't move just looks at me or my hand when i scratch his back.