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Default Keeping safe from kitchen fumes

So I obviously don't use any non-stick / teflon cookware, but I was reading that even fumes from "safe" cookware can be damaging to budgies' little lungs. Unfortunately, I just moved into a one-bedroom apartment and it's quite small. I'm keeping Fiona in the living room right next to the kitchen because it's basically the only place in the house that doesn't get drafty from the vents.

Do you think as long as I turn on the stovetop fan before, during, and after I cook or use my toaster oven, it should be okay? The main things I use the stovetop for are eggs and sautéing veggies. And then I use the little toaster oven to cook meats, fish, etc. I don't use the regular oven.

I am trying to also cook on the stovetop at a lower heat to ensure I don't burn/overheat the oils and food. Do you think as long as I take that precaution (along with keeping the stovetop fan on), Fiona should be alright?
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