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Default Alistair isn't scared of greens anymore!

I don't know if he's eating them properly for certain, but I've seen him sat there almost playing with the leaves i put in for him.
Considering he flapped about his cage panicking when i first showed him a leaf, it's pretty good!

Alistair's gone into his first moult fully now, I checked this morning and there are a lot of down feathers on the cage floor. His cere is starting to change colour too!
He's also started shrieking at pretty much everything.
If I leave the room for more than a minute, if the cat-flap makes a noise, if a car drives past the house, it's just 'ack ack ack!' from him.
Even if I play music that he USUALLY likes.

Before today he was absolutely fine.
In all honesty it looks like he's being hormonal and throwing tantrums.
Not to mention moody.

Is it possible that he's just being hormonal? And is it normal?
My previous budgies got a little irritated during their moult, but never like this. And I got them after their first moult, so I'm not certain if that's a factor to him being a grump.