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Arrow Is this "bullying"?

Hey folks,

Just a quick question.

I mentioned in my other post that Pippin (my new young blue budgie) has been continuously following around my slightly older yellow Budgie, Peeta- who I believe is molting.

I've noticed that whenever Peeta goes to one of the two available bird food dishes, Pippin usually follows. Sometimes they will eat together out of the same bowl, and other times Peeta flies away. Is this "bullying" even if Pippin doesn't do anything to Peeta? It seems just the chasing after him puts Peeta off.

I will say I've noticed Peeta still does get to eat, but I fear he'd eat much more if Pippin wasn't on his butt.

Is there anything I can do (short of separating them) so they'll both learn to eat at the same time - either in the same dish or separately? They barely bicker, no violent acts of aggression that I have seen. It just seems young and energetic Pippin gets on Peeta's nerves- to the point that Peeta will fly away from the food or water dish upon Pippins arrival.

Just wanting to make sure everybody is as happy as can be!
PS I should add that there are actually 3 food dishes and 3 waterers... I just havent seen either bird use either of the third options.