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Default Too soon?

Hi all, I wasn't sure which area to post this in but hopefully I'm in the right place.
So a few weeks ago our female budgie, Lady, passed away. Our male budgie, Vyvyan, has been dealing okay, and his behaviour is generally normal except for two things. Now he follows my partner and myself everywhere and is very clingy, like he will perch on our shoulders for long periods of time. Second is that when he is not with us, or in his cage for the night, he will fly to our closet which as sliding mirrors and will follow his reflection very excitedly, and has on multiple occasions fallen asleep next to his reflection.
We think he is missing his friend, and wanted an outside opinion. Should we get him a new friend? Is it too soon?
Furthermore, we wouldn't want to get another female, but maybe a male friend? We were also thinking if we should get a cockatiel or a finch friend? Has anyone had any experience with mixing these bird types before? Thanks for any advice.