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Default Travelling overseas w/budgies?

Hello lovelies, my family is talking about leaving the country in a couple years, and if that happens, I would like to follow suit. I am losing sleep at night, however, over what to do about my dear Milou and Chickonia. They are children to me. If they canít come with me, I am not going.

I am scared sick about taking them with me on an airplane, though. Their ears could pop and this could scare them. They might be too cold, or too hot, or get motion sick, or...? Milou especially has a sensitive stomach.

Perhaps taking a cruise on a big boat that they wonít feel rocking back and forth, and having their own room, would be better? I know Iím not anthropomorphizing when I say budgies are very emotional and get just as attached as we do to our families; I had a budgie whoís mate died and he cried for a week and didnít eat for days (I was afraid heíd starve himself to death, but he survived for 10 more years)!

Has anyone traveled overseas with budgies?