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What you are feeling is normal. I still think about the budgies i had when i was only 8 years old, and about how very little knowledge i had when I first found them. I still feel so guilty for not feeding them millets, for not knowing what kinds of fruits and veggies to feed them other than rommaine lettuce, for not offering them high quality seeds, for not giving them toys and outside flight time---for never getting them each their own swing to sleep on when they fought every night for the 1 swing we had....

they both died after less than 1 year of me having them... first Nick passed away, then my other budgie Baby who used to fight with him like crazy, died of sadness a month later... I never realized that they both died because of the lack of responsiblity and knowledge i had...when Nick passed away i was devasted, and then when Baby was in pain and died after Nick i was devasted even more... they had poor nutrition and were probably sick for all i knew....

i'm now 26 and i still think about them a with BuBu & Chik I spoil them so much...

all i know is that I loved them both so much and it hurt so bad i cried for months after...

and writing this makes me tear up but you know what... I know now that that experience has taught me a valuable lesson.... i'll never take my budgies health for granted ever again... and i know that you wont either....

you said Serenity had a white dove fly ......i think that was a sign.... she wanted you to know that she was flying... to budgie heaven and is safe....

i think that you will never really forget about serenity ... all you can do is hold close those fond memories of her.... and with your current budgies.... you will love them dearly like the way you did with Serenity...

*hugs* i hope this helps...
we have our budgies now....and life goes on... we will do our best in raising them by being on this forum...jus remember that we're all here for you..

I love my BuBu&Chik and will do everything I can to take the best care of them..

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