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Default Budgies in distress?!

Sorry for wall of text Hi, I'm not a new parakeet owner. I had some when I was younger, and they definetly didn't do this so I'm kind of scared that I am doing something wrong. I have two young budgies, I can't tell their age, but I'm pretty sure they are both female due to the white rings around their nostrils. But they have a sort of blue cere. Anyways, I got two of them at the same petsmart. I had to exchange one for a different one, due to bullying behavior. They seem to be getting along MUCH better, and so far it has been one week. However, I have noticed they are making distress calls. As in high pitched chriping that isn't singing. It is really making me worried because they get into a frenzy sometimes. They jump around their cage squawking and screeching and I have to go and calm them down. This can't be normal right? They don't seem sick, they are active and eat normally. Poo is normal. Will they grow out of this? Or are they going to be scared their entire life? They were housing in cages with at least 7 other budgies, so I think it might be them trying to find them, but it has been a week so I thought it might go away. So far I have been playing music and that seems to keep them quiet. Can anyone help me?