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Default Oliver's final flight

My little greywing has left. His life was taken by a cat belonging to person who I thought was a friend.
He knew his cats tried to get my bird and I told him to keep them locked up so Oliver could be safe.
He ignored me and let his cat get my baby. He never said sorry.
Oliver seemed ok but he must have had some internal injuries or the shock had taken him. I spoiled him from the day I got him to his final resting place. He had the freshest veggies, the best toys, a huge cage, and plenty of snuggle time. I loved him dearly and I will greatly miss him. It's so quiet and dark without his bright and cheerful song to warm our home. He didn't make it passed the next morning after the attack, seeing as it was late evening when the cat hunted my bird. He knew so many words and was always a silly boy. He loved to sit with me and cuddle. Now he's gone. I feel so broken and lost.

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