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Default My white birdie is dirty!

Over time those snow-white feathers slowly turned brown-ish. She is molting now and it appears the molting is sort of over but she is still dirty white for the most part. Her wings were clipped and the 2 new wing feathers that have grown out now stand out pearly white against the rest of her body.

Showering doesn't seem to help. She comes with me under the shower to get fully wet , and then you really start to see the dirtyness. The majority of her feathers turn into a grey to a dark grey color whilst wet. Some of her belly feathers even get close to being black..
And of course, those few new feathers remain shiny white.

I spoke to the pet store owner about this and he said that I could try using baby shampoo since that doesn't sting the eyes.
I even had a dream today where I washed my bird with the stuff haha.
I just want her to be clean white again, what can I do?