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Default Simon is under the weather.

My English budgie, Simon, (probably mixed with wild type/American) seemed "off" this week. He was moving his beak up and down (opening and closing) persistently, as if chewing something, and he seemed bloated somehow, and a little puffed up. Of the 3 budgies in one flight cage (Simon, Sterling and Phantom), Simon is the craziest singer, always greeting the day with song, but this week he was doing less singing and more calling. That worried me enough that I took him to an avian vet on Wednesday, where they worked the little guy up with X-rays, bloodwork, and a fecal exam for megabacteria (gastric yeast). We didn't really find a definite diagnosis yet but at least there aren't any glaring problems. I worry so much about cancer in English budgies especially. He got some fluids, and we went home with antibiotics and calcium supplement (his calcium was a little low).

Best epiphany of the day -- he's OBESE! It's not the cause of his being off, but I almost fell over - so funny. Too many Avicakes, which the staff compared to eating carrot cake for the carrots. They have pellets and fresh food too, but aren't eating the pellets (Harrison's) as well as they should, so I bought some Zupreem flavored pellets for now.

He's in a separate little cage in the bedroom now and we'll follow up with the avian vet if he isn't brighter and happier in a week or so. Simon is the budgie I was going to pair with my new baby in quarantine, Buckaroo. They convinced me to bring Bucky in so we could rule out yucky viruses and not just rely on quarantine, before letting him join Simon.

That's all the news for now! just wanted to share our experience.

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