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Default Celebrating a decade with Tweety

In the fall of 2005, I was 18 and in my first semester of college, living with my parents. My uncle's family had a 2-year-old budgie named Tweety that they didn't want anymore. I agreed to take her, having no idea that she would live for another 10 years (and counting).

Tweety has been with me throughout college, meeting and marrying my husband, several moves, and starting my career. Over the years Tweety has experienced numerous cage upgrades, multiple wellness exams at the vet, 2 clutches of infertile eggs, getting a companion named Lemon (another adopted adult budgie) and losing him 4 years later. Tweety has a couple of minor health issues but is for the most part healthy and active, especially when she's not molting or recovering from a molt.

When I first got Tweety she came in a tiny cage and my aunt told me she was a male, which I believed for years until she laid eggs the first time. (Now thanks to Talk Budgies I know how to identify a budgie's sex by looking at the cere!) Tweety had a reputation for biting and being "mean", and my family jokingly called her "Darth Tweety" for awhile. I kept her in my room with my cockatiel and me and she became used to being around me. Now she's semi-tame - she will leave the cage and come hang out with people, but on her terms only! She is the boss of everyone and doesn't like having her space invaded.

I am planning to eventually get another budgie. For now, I try to keep Tweety from getting too lonely by keeping her with us whenever possible when my husband and cockatiel and I are in another room. Tweety usually refuses to step up while in her cage, but if she is already out of her cage, she often will let me take her to be with the "flock". Here are some pictures I took over the past few days of Tweety (and my cockatiel Ralph). Thanks for looking.
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