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Originally Posted by chirper View Post
My budgies and I like Spinach
hehehe what good little babies! bless them!

Originally Posted by FaeryBee View Post
Things my budgies and I have in common:
1. We all like to play with my hair
2. Enjoy naps
3. Love new birdie toys
4. Sometimes talk "nonsense"
5. Love hard-boiled eggs
6. Sometimes we just can't help but dance
7. Love baths (and splashing water in general)
8. Often stand on just one foot
9. Swings are our favorite place to sit
10. Believe breakfast is the best meal of the day
11. Love shiny objects
12. Enjoy the blinking/winking game
13. Find great pleasure in tossing things on the floor
14. Sometimes want alone time and private space
15. Think the rocker/recliner in the living room is pretty comfy
16. Enjoy music
17. Like having a snack before bedtime
18. Sometimes forget to use our "inside" voice
19. Love looking out the windows
20. Like making up games and playing them with friends

wow! really loved that..they really are family aren't they..haha talk nonsense - sounds a lot like me!

Originally Posted by aluz View Post
My birdies and I agree that mornings are the best part of the day, we all love to be outside for a while listening to the wild birds chirping/singing and going about their busy lives.
My budgies respond well to the type of music I listen to. Just like them, I love apples and raw freshly washed carrots. They use my shoulder as a perch after a good flight and I love it when they land on me in that fashion, it's as far as being a pirate as I will ever be!
Awww smelly little cuties hehe....i can imagine how you feel when they perch on happy as anything as it makes you feel special!!
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