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Originally Posted by LynandIndigo View Post
The vets only want to sell us the pellets only to make money on the product...
I don't agree with that statement. Obviously the vets are going to sell pellets to make money, but that is not their main intentions for selling pellets. Pellets provide budgies with nutrients not found in seed, and when part of their varied diet is very beneficial to their health. Yes, budgies do not eat pellets in the wild, but they also don't spend time in cages throughout the day, see a vet, play with silly DIY toys, and many other things that a domesticated bird does. That does not mean we should not take an opportunity to better their diet based on what birds in the wild do, especially when what we're talking about has been proven to be very beneficial to their health.

Many members, including myself, have had great success with pellets and know that they are beneficial to our birds when part of their diet.

I do like how you give your budgie a varied seed diet and fruits and vegetables, while offering the pellets, however budgies will always prefer seeds over pellets