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Hroof (Hailey)
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Hailey's angels

I couldn't bury them were I wanted: my own real home, since were I live I hate I didn't want them buried at my current house. So they were buried at someone elses. I feel far away and this is more for me to close something.

I love you Olive and Frosty, your time here was too short. I did everything I could to save you and keep you happy,but you are the real judge and I hope I did a good Job.

Olive Peekaboo Roof Aug 21 2011-Apr 2015 male
Frosty Eeyore Roof Apr 5 2015 -Jul 2015 male

I bought Olive at a heritage festival. He was in a large aviary of 300 budgies, they weren't for sale but the lady in charge of the booth was allowing people to buy a bird for $20...if they could catch them. I caught a few and released them until I found him. Olive was perfect. I took him home in an ice cream cone box and since it was too small I opened it for him and he started playing peekaboo with me. He learned many tricks including kiss, shake, bow, fly to me, and ride a skate board.

I received Frosty as a gift from a less than adequate pet store. He was a birthday present to improve my chances of breeding budgies since he was the father of every chick at the pet store and had been there for his whole life of 5 years. His vent was dirty so I kept him in quarantine longer than 30 days because of were he came from, but he eventually cleaned himself up better and spent 4 months with me, he loved the free flight he go every day, a change from the dirty crowded cage he used to live in. He was very happy.

I love you and I will make you better crosses so they won't blow away any more.


I will post pictures soon to some what finalize it.

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