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Unhappy Hurting so much..I lost my little blue a few days ago. :'(

Hi, im new here, i found this site in hopes of support during my greiving time.

I lost my blue budgie Rowdy nickname (Blue), a few days ago. I am at a loss it hurts so much to see his cage still, i covered it so i cant see inside and see him not there, im not ready to put it away yet.
In my dresser its still full of packages of his millet and his bag of food, extra cuttlebones, gravel, etc.
I just break down crying when i open it.

Ive had a candle lit next to his picture since he passed.

He was completely fine the day before and then the next day he was puffed up and looked tired, i thought he was still tired so i covered him thinking he needed more sleep, then i took a nap and my mom uncovered him later, i guess he was still ok then but then after i woke from my nap and went to see him he was gone....

He was 9 or more years old.

Do u think he passed from old age?
I had a budgie before too and he lived to bout 11.

I would feel awful if it wasnt from old age, im just hoping it was quick and painless my poor lil guy. :'(

I loved him very very much, i struggle with depression and his singing always helped with the silence and made me happy hearing him sing, no matter how bad i felt.

I miss him so much i miss his singing, i miss my sweet blue. :'(

He passed a week before the anniversary of my other budgie's passing in 2011.

I buried him next to my other budgie which was his friend.

Im just so saddened with grief. Also sorry if im not posting this right, im new here and dont know how this works, just needed to talkto others who understand and feel my pain.

Thank you

I miss you and love you forever and ever Rowdy, and same for you Banjo (my other bird that passed).