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Originally Posted by Pretty boy View Post
How much time does she get out of her cage? Free flight is a great way for your budgie to get exercise and strengthen her wings. You need to have a cage as big as possible, with a amount of toys you can interchange regularly.
If you give her time out of her cage regularly at the same time she will get to know this is when she can come out, if you let her out when you feel like it she will naturally be stressed about when is she getting out next.
The majority of the day she is outside the cage. Unfortunately I don't think I can apply scheduled times because I like spending time with her throughout various times of the day.

Originally Posted by aluz View Post
You can try to make your budgie's cage more appealing, add some new toys to keep her occupied. At first you can spend some time with her by sitting close to the cage while she is inside and encourage her to play with one of the toys she has in the cage.
By doing this, you will be showing her the cage is a fun place to be in and soon she will realize this and will be able to occupy herself in her safe place, while you are busy working and can't devote your full attention to her or even when you need to go out.

It's very important not only for budgies but also our pet birds in general to feel comfortable in their cages and to be occupied during the time they can't be let out of the cages for flight time.
You may want to schedule the time your budgie has for out of cage time. If you set a routine for her, she will soon get used to it and respond very well.

I've learnt with my pets that they like routine and they know the exact time I come to get them for their out of cage play time. They expect it and like the predictability of a scheduled routine.
We are over that initial phase. She likes her cage and feels comfortable in it.
In fact I can describe her attitude inside the cage as way more social and playful with me then when I take her out the cage. If I put my hand in the cage it can become a very fun time for both of us. She gets playful with me and seems less anxious to get touched. I wish she was like this outside the cage. She seems much more nervous and uncomfortable outside.

Originally Posted by LynandIndigo View Post
My budgie is out most of the time we are home... They need to fly around the room to exercise there wings.... Have you got a hanging toy with a bell on the end for your budgie to play with in her cage....When your budgie is out do you have toys for her to play with on the floor like a ball with a bell in it.... How often do you let your budgie out.... Maybe you need a routine for her to come out for a play or a fly around the room. I don't have any routine with mine as I love to have my budgie out with me all the time... He sits on me and talk with us...
I don't have routine either. She mostly likes sitting on my lap or on my belly while I relax.