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Question Does anyone know anything about Barney's Bird Farm?

Hi all,

I have always had parakeets as a child and now that I am 25 I have been taking the health and well-being of my birds much more seriously (not that I didn't before, but I wasn't very savvy about bird health-related topics). I recently brought home a new addition to my little family. My parents thought it would be sweet to buy me another parakeet. I just had the unfortunate task of putting down my little boy Cricket, who was only two years old, because of sudden blindness. He began to rapidly fade away and finally I euthanized him when I realized he was starving to death, and only staying alive because his buddy, Puppet, was feeding him. So yeah, terrible. Well then on Saturday, on a visit home, my parents presented me with a new buddy for Puppet. Surprise! As much as I adore the new little guy I am so wary of the fact that he was purchased from PetSmart. I have heard tons of terrible things like the recent outbreak of psittacosis last year. I live in California, and through some sleuthing managed to find out that my new bird is from Barney's Bird Farm (his leg ring reads "BBF").

After much internet surfing I cannot find any information on this breeder. I was hoping some of you might have some clues. I do not want to expose Puppet to any kinds of diseases (luckily, it seems that Cricket's decline might have been due to a tumor as oppose to anything bacterial/viral, as Puppet is in great health).

Any info is greatly appreciated!