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Talking First Anniversary!

I just wanted to share that as of yesterday (September 21st), marked exactly one year since I got my two babies: Ravii (Green-Yellow) and Cii (Blue). I never knew how much I'd enjoy having budgies until I had 2 of my own. It's been a great year with them. From waking me up in the mornings, to going sitting on my shoulders as I walk around the house. I still continue to enjoy all of it! Messes and noises aside, I think they're near-perfect pets!

Furthermore, all this is also my way of thanking this site for ALL of the help they've given me! Staff, moderators, guests, even newcomers! This community helped me so very much. The stories, facts, advice, and experiences from everyone, helped me in various ways such as bringing Ravii to the vet, taming 2 Budgies at a time, DIY toys and treats, etc. I owe it all to this site and it's community for such an unforgettable year!!

- Emerald Sloth

Pictures/Screenshots (Taken September 22nd): <- Ravii <- Cii <- Both of them
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