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Default Lafeber nutri-berries

I've been trying to convince my budgies to eat Harrison's pellets but so far no luck. One of them really likes nutri-berries though (I think, the ones that I've used are either the original ones or the cockatiel ones but I'm not sure). They claim that it is a complete food. Is this true? Are nutri-berries as good (as in as nutritious) as pellets? Are there any adverse effects or anything unhealthy in nutriberries?

Originally, I was hoping to convert my budgies to a 50/50 pellet/seeds diet. Would that work with nutri berries as well?

Also, which nutriberries would you recommend? They are struggling a bit with their size, which is roughly the size of a grape. They mostly fall out of their dish when trying to bite chunks off it so I crumble them up a bit for them. Are there any smaller sized ones than the ones for cockatiels? (I haven't been able to find any).

Are there any other flavours that you could recommend?

Finally, what exactly are nutriberries? I read somewhere that they are just de-hulled seeds and don't provide any nutritional advantage over regular seed mixes apart from maybe easing the transition to regular pellets.