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Default lost siblings

I'm a new budgie owner having only gotten my first at the beginning of march this year, but have already suffered some losses... I can't help but feel they're my fault for being inexperienced thus and inadvertently neglectful...
After a couple of months with my first budgie Peeper I wanted to get another to keep him company while I was out at work and because I wasn't sure how well we were bonding and didn't think it fair for him to lack socialising opportunities in the meanwhile, and after looking online I found a pair of baby budgies for sale, a brother and sister who were born mid-Feb or so if memory serves. Both had been born without primary flight feathers, both were beautiful hues of blue, green and yellow, and I adored them instantly. I named them Jasper and Tiger and was very happy to have them. It didn't take long for them to settle in and begin going in Peeper's cage to play with him, and I was glad they got along.
About a month after I got them, Tiger went missing. I'd had my window open with the blinds down, thinking that since there wasn't a breeze to make any opening they would be fine for preventing any escapes. Something spooked the budgies and all three flew off in separate directions, and I went to get Peeper and Jasper first as they'd flown into other rooms, but when I returned there wasn't any sign of Tiger anywhere. We looked all around and I left the cage she'd been in out in the garden in hopes she'd return to it, and tried playing budgie sounds to attract her attention, but she never showed...
Then in late august I lost Jasper too. I had been in a rush going to a driving lesson as I was late and forgot to shut the door to the room they were in. When I got back there were feathers all over the landing outside the room and no Jasper to be found. We have a cat so I assume it must have been him, although a couple of things seem odd but even so... Again, we looked all over, to no avail...

Thinking about either of these still makes me terribly sad, Jasper in particular as I'd had longer to bond with him... I try to stay positive about my own pet-keeping so as not to let down Peeper but it's hard sometimes. On the one hand I wish I could have another bird for him to interact with because all things considered we're still different species and humans are effectively predators so I don't think it's possible for us to have the same bond as he would have with another bird. But I don't want to get another budgie in case they die too...

Hopefully having written this out will help me through the mourning process. At least Jasper and Tiger are together, and Peeper and I still are... I'll do my best to make sure I give him the best care I can and never let these mistakes happen again