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Default Poop check

Hi everyone,
Just joined, a short intro; our dear bird Percy has been with us just over a year, he is male, yellow/green with dark blue patches and scales, he can mimic about 25 words and loves to fly and poop on my bald head. He loves his toys, especially his plastic ball which he carries and dunks it in water, than pulls it tosses to the other end of his cage, then dunks it in his seed container, also loves to sleep next to his ball.

My question is, ever since we got him, I have never seen poop like the other birds (my brother's bird for example) so his poop has always been watery, when he poops on my hand it simply runs off. He does poop close to normal though but almost always watery. Should I be concerned? Visually, his weight is normal and he is always active.

Here is two of his poop next to each other, one is plain water, the other has some solid feces.

Thanks in advance for any comments/feedback.

In comparison,
I have never seen my budgie poop like this: ever (my Brother's budgie poops just like this, his is only 2 months old, mine is 1,5 yrs old)